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IDAAN – Comisionistas

The Institute of Aqueducts and Sewers National (IDAAN) began last Saturday, May 22, 2010, with the installation of some 250 covers of sewers made of recycled plastic, where these have been stolen or are in poor condition.

The engineer Manuel González Ruiz, executive director of IDAAN, said that this operation consists of different stages that will be developed as necessary. One of the main advantages of installing recycled plastic lids and rings is that, having no value, the theft of this material will decrease. According to figures handled by the institution, the disappearance of five steel culvert covers is reported weekly.

The maintenance crew of the Metropolitan Directorate of IDAAN was in charge of installing one between Créditos Mundiales and El Machetazo, in La Cuchilla de Calidonia. The IDAAN acquired the first 250 caps with their respective rings, by the company Implosa S.A., at a cost higher than 30 thousand dollars.

The material is brought from Mexico and supports up to 12 tons of weight.

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