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THE CENTURY OF TORREÓN / Francisco I. Madero

The Municipal Water and Sanitation System (Simas) will invest more than 80 thousand pesos in the acquisition of plastic sewers, and drainage uncovering. After investing 20 thousand pesos in the construction of concrete culvert covers, the manager of Simas Madero, Antonio Marrufo López, said that so far this year 20 reports of the same number of stolen iron covers have been received. The sector where the sewer covers have been stolen the most is in the center and the neighborhoods next to it.

The covers, of which some weigh up to 50 kilograms are stolen by two people, it is even said that vehicles are used for their transfer, however, no citizen has been able to point to a presumed responsible, explained Marrufo López.

He also commented that in Madero, during 2011, due to the lack of resources, it was decided to build concrete covers, however, the durability of these was very short, as it did not support vehicular traffic.

For this year, the acquisition of at least 20 plastic caps has been contemplated, this despite the fact that they are also being stolen. The investment for this purchase will be approximately 42 thousand pesos, in addition to the removal of garbage that accumulates in sewers without a lid.

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