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Contribute to the preservation of the environment dedicating ourselves to recollect, regenerate and recycle plastic waste coming from post-consume and/or post-industrial origin, using for it techniques, methods, technology and knowledge 100% Mexican, from this we obtain substitute materials or alternatives to wood, concrete, fibers and cast iron among others, we seek to promote a culture for the best use of natural resources, as well as improve the management of this type of waste.

Our company is sustained within an ecological commitment, with an impact in favor of society, so the responsibility we serve is focused on being a clean company.


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Encourage industrial and business activity under business schemes transferable to third parties, which are supported in the technological domain of the recycling of plastics of post-consumer and / or post-industrial origin, this will allow better growth conditions since knowledge of method is shared in favor of the environment.

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Create the model business and industrial institution, that keeps a perfect balance between human, material and work resources, these elements put at the service of our customers, suppliers, employees, friends and society as a whole, will be the source of wealth, strength and business development.

Quality Policy

Politica de Calidad

At SITMA, we manage to develop skills based on experience, acquired with clients and markets of high demand; what makes our vision of quality not a selling point, but a commitment whose principle is born from knowledge and trajectory.

The quality of our products is the result of integrated actions in technical and human processes that have been aligned for more than 20 years, always supported by methods and practices of high training value.

We put our experience and knowledge into permanent practice together with measurement methods and practices. All in balance with the Engineering and production processes in order to achieve an industrial, commercial and standard sustained services.

Human Resources

Recursos Humanos

SITMA is an integrating company, which generates labor development to its own production plant “SITMA” Industrial S.A. of CV, therefore the structure of operations, its human resource, is defined as executive and high performance, likewise we define as a formula of personal development, performance, productivity, respect, organization, responsibility and discipline, as well as a dynamic operation on the basis of self-learning systems.

Additionally, we have external advisors with qualified experience in external trading matters, corporate legal consulting, industrial property, taxes, marketing, computer systems, as well as engineering laboratories in relation to tests and resistance and quality tests.

History background

Its founder, Juan Carlos Virues Fernández, based on the idea of venturing into business models with an innovative profile, started the research that would allow evaluating the business opportunity based on the recycling of plastics of post-consumer and post-industrial origin. The first indicators were unfavorable, because according to the state of the art this type of plastics are contaminated with each other, this means, mixture of different types of plastics (polymers) and all of them usually with waste matter organic and lacking nomenclature..

Based on our trajectory and commercial prestige, SITMA continued with its research and developments in the area of recycling of plastic waste, aimed at obtaining other specific products. Result of this research and development, was the incursion and manufacturing in the product line related to complementary systems for drainage and sewerage, proposing a substitute for molten iron, ductile iron, cement and polymeric cement. This development brings the same benefits to their markets as the substitute wood plastic table, by virtue of which unlike in 1997, to date the knowledge in the state of the art, method and technology are of absolute dominance thanks to the experience and acquired knowledge. The tests and examinations to which the different models of sewers have been subjected, surpass any expectation of development, offering to the demanding markets of these products great advantages such as durability, ease of installation, reduced weight, solution to theft, resistance and price.

We formally constituted our first production plant, migrating from a maquila scheme, to an integral structure, contributing with this measure a commitment of assurance in processes, quality, final products, but above all the reintegration of our knowledge and experience together to an industrial field.

To date Due to the experience acquired in the market of sewerage systems from a portfolio of more than 200 clients in this sector, both in Mexico and Central and South America, we decided to carry out new investments that culminated in the implementation of march of our second industrial plant. Characterizing this infrastructure in a platform that allows the manufacture of our models with higher quality in terms of appearances and resistance performance, likewise we have implemented consistent improvements in formulations, methods and practices of transformation and manufacturing which have been widely recognized by users both at the level of potable water and sewerage operators as well as urban developers and construction companies of the private initiative.