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Standards we Comply with: AASHTO

European Union: UNE-EN-124

Venezuela: UNE-EN-124

Puerto Rico: AASHTO

Peru: NTP 333.111

Panama: AASHTO

Ecuador: UNE-EN-124

Dominican Republic: AASHTO

Colombia: NP-024 v:06

SITMA Present at ANEAS 2016

SITMA Present at ANEAS 2016, from 08 to 09 November 2016. We are happy to greet you at such an important event. We can discuss and update them of the main differentiating factors that…

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The director of the SITMA plant, responsible for making these products, regrets that there is no political support to develop this technology

GUADALAJARA, JALISCO (MAY 24, 2016) .- The plastic garbage produced by 20 families…

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More sewer lids are stolen from the JAD

MATAMOROS, Tamaulipas. The Water and Drainage Board (JAD) continues to suffer the theft of sewer covers, especially those that are cast iron, but in spite of this, no complaints have been filed about the…

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In a serious problem has been the sewer robbery in the municipality of Reynosa, says the coordinator of Primary Public Services, Antonio Rivas Sordia since he said that this activity of lovers of the…

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Sewer covers robbery continues in Irapuato.

IRAPUATO, Gto.- The theft of metallic sewers is an unfortunate phenomenon and continued that has not been able to stop in the city, said the director of the Sewer and Drinking Water Board of…

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THE CENTURY OF TORREÓN / Francisco I. Madero

The Municipal Water and Sanitation System (Simas) will invest more than 80 thousand pesos in the acquisition of plastic sewers, and drainage uncovering. After investing 20 thousand…

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Redacción Quito

Theft of the covers and grids that are part of the sewer system, instead of stopping increases. The neighborhood Independencia, Beguinage, Ecuadorian, Guamaní in the south and Calderón, Carapungo, Carcelén Pisulí, La Roldós,…

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Difficult to fight theft of sewer covers

The theft of sewer covers in the city is a problem that the Municipal Water and Sanitation Board in Ciudad Juarez has no way of avoiding, so now it is being tested with other…

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El Sol de Mazatlán 16 de abril de 2011

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Given the high rate of theft of iron covers in Jumapam sewers and CFE records, both units replace this material with polyethylene that apparently have…

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The covers are composed of 39 kilos of plastic trash.

This Saturday the National Institute of Aqueducts and Sewerage Systems (IDAAN), will initiate the program of installation of the new covers of recycled plastics in…

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