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TVN noticias To prevent the theft of bronze sewer covers, IDAAN will acquire a first batch of 250 plastic covers, announced today on TVN Channel 2, Federico Rodríguez, head of Drinking Water of the National Institute of Aqueducts and Sewers. Rodriguez explained that initially, IDAAN was going to acquire a thousand plastic plastic caps, but ...
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IDAAN – Comisionistas The Institute of Aqueducts and Sewers National (IDAAN) began last Saturday, May 22, 2010, with the installation of some 250 covers of sewers made of recycled plastic, where these have been stolen or are in poor condition. The engineer Manuel González Ruiz, executive director of IDAAN, said that this operation consists of ...
Read more Ruth Herrera THE PRESS / ARCHIVE The Nicaraguan Water and Sewerage Company (Enacal) annually has losses in the order of 400 thousand dollars due to the theft of manhole covers, which are sold to the scrap companies that operate in the city. The executive president of Enacal, Ruth Selma Herrera, said yesterday that on ...
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It is estimated that a thousand units should be placed in the streets of the Capital SANTO DOMINGO. The City Council of the National District began yesterday the replacement of the metal covers of the sewers and filters of the streets by other plastic, to try to avoid that they are stolen by vendors and ...
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PUBLIC Every day at least one iron lid disappears, which thieves sell per kilo. The theft of metal sewer covers has become a headache for the Intermunicipal Drinking Water and Sewerage System (SIAPA), as nearly two are stolen daily, so the agency has had to replace them with some more. modern made of polyethylene, which ...
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